Production Manager Heavy Duty Diesel 2022

Company Name:
Absolute Opportunities
Job Title: Production Manager Heavy Duty Diesel
Role: Engineering or Related
Relocation Available: Yes
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Tennessee
Town / City: Morristown
Job Type: Permanent full-time
Job description:
The Production Manager is responsible for a specified section or department(s) of the Heavy Duty Piston Operations Business Unit. The specified section is typically comprised of six to ten production cost centers for machining, surface treatment processes, and/or inspection/assembly processes.
The primary responsibilities of the Diesel Production Manager:
1.) Production Operations (machining, product surface treatment, and/or inspection/assembly processes)
The Manager of the specific department(s) of the business unit has responsibility for its performance. This includes Product Quality, operational efficiency, staffing of salary and hourly positions, production scheduling, capacity utilization, control of costs (labor, operating expenses and maintenance).
Key measures of success for the business unit are established in zero based budgeting process completed annually. These key measures are reviewed and revised each year to reflect continuous improvement programs designed to reduce cost.
Key measures of departmental performance include external and internal quality (customer quality measures and product scrap), cost of quality, Overall Equipment Effectiveness( OEE), labor cost per unit, cost center budget vs. volume adjusted planned budget, product inventory, and capacity utilization.
2.) In conjunction with the Director of the business unit, the manager(s) is responsible for the development and execution of the intermediate and long term business and technical plans for their respective department(s).
Intermediate and long term business and technical plans include planning for new products and their processes to assure cost competitive, high quality manufacturing and setting direction for all cost reduction/continuous improvement projects. This comprehensive planning encompasses all aspects of the department(s) including, future manufacturing concepts, Quality innovation, capital investments, and capacity planning.
Also included is the completion and maintenance of the business plan/budget for the department(s). The business plan is established over the longer term as a strategic business plan (5 year Plan) completed annually and then as a two year intermediate plan utilizing a zero based budgeting process, again completed annually. The immediate plan includes departmental staffing, controllable expenses, departmental maintenance cost projections, capacity planning, cost reduction planning, and capital investment planning. The Department Manager is responsible for resource allocation and detailed planning to execute the two year intermediate plan.
3.) Capital Investment Planning, Operations Equipment Source Development, and Procurement as required for the Manager's respective Department(s)
The manager(s) has responsibility for HD Diesel capital investments to meet the short and long term needs of their department(s). This includes planning, vendor selection, equipment specification development, equipment design, commercial negotiations (price, warranty, etc in conjunction with Purchasing), equipment approval, and installation.
Primarily, investment is made for new and replacement production equipment (machine tools), quality inspection equipment and automation equipment.
4.) Process Development Engineering
In conjunction with HDD engineering, responsibility for development and implementation of machining, surface treatment, and Quality processes for new products and new processes as determined in the long term planning for the department(s) outlined in #2 above.
The primary purpose of the engineering resource within the business unit is to assure the development of efficient, low cost processes for the future. More specifically, all aspects of new process design, development, and implementation occurs within the business unit vs. an outside supplier or Process Technology (PT) Department.
5.) Manufacturing/Process Engineering
In conjunction with HDD Engineering, Process engineering primarily dedicated to the existing Operations. The focus of this engineering group is continuous improvement/cost reduction, product introduction, prototype development/production, and process maintenance of the existing processes.
6.) Production Support - Line Set Up and Training
Responsible for production support staff consisting of 5-15 machine line set up associates/Technicians and a group leader to facilitate efficient line set up activities, with emphasis on reduction of line set up time. These associates are also responsible for all aspects of On the Job training of new and existing associates.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
Manages up to eight supervisors. This departmental management group has direct supervisory responsibility for up to 100 to 220 salaried and hourly employees. Is responsible for the overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of the respective department(s). Completes supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization's policies and applicable laws. Responsibilities include interviewing, hiring, and training employees; planning, assigning, and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and disciplining employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems.
Education and Experience:
Bachelor's degree (BS) in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering from four-year college or university; or equivalent experience in manufacturing. Job experience for at least two years in an industrial environment preferably in close tolerance, high quality machining processes. Comprehensive knowledge of Operations Management systems, mechanical and industrial engineering principles, quality systems, piston manufacturing systems, inspection processes, and SPC.
Bottom Line Requirements:
1. Bachelor's degree in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering.
2. 2+ years in an industrial environment involving close tolerance, high quality machining processes.
3. Experience with Operations Management systems, mechanical and industrial engineering principles, and quality systems
4. Experience with piston manufacturing systems, inspection processes, and SPC.

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